Michigan's agricultral connection

Michigan's agricultral connection

Michigan's agricultral connectionMichigan's agricultral connectionMichigan's agricultral connection

About Us


Growing Solutions

Are you interested in growing a new crop, maximizing your current growing plan, finding a market for your crop,do you have issues with your current crop?   


What We Do

Our staff and group of contractors are amongst the leaders in the greenhouse industry in Michigan. We can help source plant material of all sizes, growing equipment, broker your product to buyers, we even find growers to grow your product to meet your markets demand. 


Our mission statement

We love plants period. Our goal is to help green businesses thrive in the most ethical and profitable way. We feel through proven science,research, and an ethical code to not pollute for profit we can grow and sustain green businesses. We strive to only partner with businesses who uphold this strict code of ethics.



This is a place where Michigan's agricultural  community can come to learn, grow, shop, and interact with the strong growing community our state has. We want to feature Michigan made products from small batch and environmentally conscious partners.  


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